Thinkers and Makers


A platform for Government bodies and Industry to discuss pressing societal problems of the state/region that may need innovative technical intervention/ solution and this provide an opportunity to help collaborate with relevant start-ups which can be engaged to solve such issues, thereby rewarding them and benefitting the region as a whole.


Hackathon (Problem Statement) is applicable to Entrepreneur, Company, Industry Persons and organizations; Students and others cannot register for it. However, Hackathon (Problem Solution) is applicable to all, the date for which will be notified latter.


The problem statement provider should specify the money they are willing to give to solution provider. The problem statements will be evaluated by a committee from different sectors/fields consisting of faculties and industrialist based on sectors/fields. After the segregation, the problem statements will be made open to all and the registration link for Hackathon (Problem solution) shall be open. The registered Hackathon (Problem solution) can provide solution to the problem statement.  After receiving the solutions from the solution provider, the committee will evaluate the best solution against every problem statement. If the solution provider is dissatisfied with the amount of money, the committee will connect the two. It should be strictly noted that no solution will be provided until and unless the money is deposited. The agreed amount must be deposited in the bank account of the organization within the stipulated date after which only the solution will be provided to them


Problem Statement Released here is the link